Celtic Visions Bracelet

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Discover a unique piece of jewelry with the Celtic Visions Bracelet. Handmade from lightweight and nickel-free anodized aluminum, this bracelet won't tarnish or transfer its colors to your skin or clothing - offering a long-lasting, beautiful accessory. Add our Celtic Visions Necklace for a matching set.

  • The Celtic Visions Bracelet is handmade from lightweight anodized aluminum.

  • Anodized aluminum is nickel-free, does not tarnish, and colors will not transfer to skin or clothing.

  • The finished bracelet is 1/2" wide and is available in three lengths: 6 inches, including clasp; 8 inches, including clasp; and 10 inches, including clasp. How do you measure your size? Check out our blog post on how to measure.

  • The finished bracelet comes with a nickel-free black lobster clasp.

  • Colors may vary slightly from those shown.

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