What's it made of?

We use a mix of new and reclaimed anodized aluminum, new copper, and new sterling silver. We use only solid metals, never plated. Our findings are lead-free pewter or sterling silver. We also use glass beads and rings in our beaded pieces.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Our anodized aluminum pieces are very easy to care for, simply rise with clean warm water and a mild soap (Ivory) if necessary. Our copper and sterling silver pieces will tarnish over time, if desired use a commercially available jewelry cleaner. Please read all manufacturers instructions carefully prior to use.

Will the color rub off?

No. The color on our anodized aluminum pieces will not rub off on skin or clothing and will hold up with normal use. The color can be scratched off if the piece comes in contact with a harder material.

Why don't you use the neoprene (stretchy) rings?

There is more than one answer to this question. First, Siouxsiequeue's is a Colorado company and Colorado has a very dry climate. Because of the climate, stretchy rings dry out and break relatively easily. Second, no matter what the climate, stretchy rings eventually stretch beyond their original shape. This means that the item changes shape, no longer fits well, and doesn't look as good.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes! We love custom orders. Just email us at info@siouxsiequeues.com with the details of your project. A 50% deposit is required for all custom work. Payment in full is required prior to shipping.

How will my order be sent?

We use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate as our primary shipping method. Most orders arrive 2-3 business days after notification of shipping. Arrangements can be made for expedited shipping at an additional fee, simply send your request via email, info@siouxsiequeues.com.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes! Please contact us at info@siouxsiequeues.com for pricing and other information.