About Us

It all started with one bracelet....

Siouxsiequeue's was founded in 2006 after our namesake, Suzanne Gutierrez, bought a chainmaille bracelet at a Sci-Fi Con. Suzanne began to obsess over and disassemble that bracelet in her mind; finally having driven herself to learn the ancient art of weaving maille.

Thanks to the support of her exceptionally wonderful family, and with the blessings and encouragement of the artist of that first bracelet, Suzanne embarked on the fantastic adventure of a home based jewelry business. In January of 2010 the Siouxsiequeue's range expanded to include handmade totes, pouches, and other handmade accessories.

We've come a long way from that first bracelet, but Suzanne continues fueled by a life-long passion for creating and is proud to be a DIY kind of girl in a cutting edge technology kind of world.