How Do You Know What Size Bracelet to Order?

Posted by Suzanne Gutierrez on

Welcome to the very first Siouxsiequeue's blog post! I'm super excited to write this blog because it allows me to discuss what's going on at Siouxsiequeue's, at home, and answer some of the questions you may have. In fact, today's blog post covers one of the top questions we get from customers; how do you know what size bracelet to order?

It's easier to answer that question in person because you can try on different pieces and come to the right conclusion. Ordering online is a different story, but one that, thankfully, has a simple answer. When in doubt, measure!

It's best to use a flexible tape measure (I have one like this) or a strip of paper that's 1/2 inch wide and 12 inches long. Once you have your measuring device, wrap it around your wrist, just under the wrist bone. It's entirely up to you how loose or tight your bracelet should be; move the tape measure or paper strip until you've found a comfortable spot.

If you're using a flexible tape measure, you'll know which size to order immediately. If you're using a paper strip, make a mark on the paper where things felt most comfortable, lay the strip flat, and use a ruler to measure from the end of the strip to the mark you made.

Siouxsiequeue's bracelets are available in three standard sizes; Small (6-inches), Medium (8-inches), and Large (10-inches). However, there's no such thing as a standard-sized person. Feel free to reach out if your measurements don't work with available options. We're always happy to make a custom order.

I hope this post is helpful, and I'll be back with another post next week!


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