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2021 is the 15th anniversary of Siouxsiequeue's. Can you believe it? We've been rattling around local and national conventions for a while now, so to that end, I thought it was time to get to know us better.

I guess we'll start with me since the project literally has my name all over it. Well, sort of, my real name is Suzanne. I'm a Colorado native; there doesn't seem to be too many of us. You already know how I started Siouxsiequeue's all those years ago, but honestly, it's not surprising that I would start a handmade business. I'm a life-long crafter; knitting, sewing, embroidery, you name it. The idea of taking components and turning them into something new is a wonder. My obsession for creating extends to the kitchen, where I use Colorado's most extensive collection of kitchen electrics and gadgets to cook for my friends and family.

I usually listen to music while working on projects for Siouxsiequeue's. Some of my all-time favorites are David Bowie, NIN, Depeche Mode, the cure, Foo Fighters, and The Clash, but I love pretty much anything from the post-punk/new wave era. I'm also of an age to adore 90's shoegaze music like Blur, Lush, and Sonic Youth.

I love to read when I'm not working. My favorite authors are Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, but I like everything from comics to classics. I try to read one book a week (with varying degrees of success) and have recently started sharing the book of the week on my Instagram page.

I'm sure there's a lot more I could tell you, like my obsessions with Star Wars, Twin Peaks, Hello Kitty, and office supplies or how I love to play Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild, but I think it's time to move the spotlight to someone else. Like Jeremy.

I've said it before, but it absolutely bears repeating: Siouxsiequeue's would not exist without Jeremy. Jeremy is my partner at Siouxsiequeue's and in life. He moved to Colorado from Michigan as a teen, but we won't hold that against him. Jeremy is calm in the face of chaos and way funnier than you might believe, especially since he is reticent by nature.

When he's not luring you into the Siouxsiequeue's booth by waving the perfect bracelet at you (how does he do that?), Jeremy is a professional software engineer, which is one of his great loves in life.

In addition to computer programming, Jeremy has an interest in 3D printing. He has an extensive set up in our basement and has made everything from household goods to lamps for the Siouxsiequeue's booth. Sometimes he even prints parts for the's a vicious cycle.

Jeremy is also a great reader, especially science fiction novels. Greg Behr and Robert Heinlein are among his favorite authors. Because of his love of science fiction novels, it isn't surprising that he is also a fan of Sci-Fi TV and movies. Most days, there's an episode of Star Trek (TNG & Voyager), Babylon 5, or Stargate SG-1 on our TV. Because we work at conventions, we've been lucky enough to have met several of the actors from these shows!

Jeremy and I share a fascination with NASA and all things having to do with space exploration. We've had the opportunity to meet and chat with Commander Scott Kelly, and on clear nights we have the telescope in the backyard.

That's Team Siouxsiequeue's in a nutshell. We live a pretty quiet life in the Denver suburbs, working and caring for our pets (Winston the corgi, Nigel the cat, and Esteban the guinea pig), all of whom make regular appearances on the Siouxsiequeue's social media accounts. We're also looking forward to being able to return to the shows. We miss getting to chat with all of you.

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