Friday Mixtape and Weekly Round-Up: June 16, 2023

Posted by Suzanne Gutierrez on

Another week came and went in a total blur! I'd barely gotten home from Aya Con before we had to pack the crate to send the booth to Florida Supercon!

Speaking of Supercon, there are only two weeks until we see you in Miami, and I cannot wait! I long for the sun, surf, and sand, not just because it has rained daily for a month, though that helps.

Between packing for Supercon, I've been updating the photos on our website, which is going well. Many of you know that photography isn't my strongest suit, but I'm in love with the new set I built, and I've finally dialed in the settings that show the jewelry in its most authentic light. 

I'm such an overachiever, and it can be difficult to admit when I'm struggling with something, but I'm putting in the work, and it's starting to show. There have been a lot of online classes about how my camera works, composition, and Photoshop (thank goodness for YouTube!).

Music also helps, and this week instead of a mixed playlist, I have been blasting Combat Rock by The Clash in the studio all week. It's definitely one of my "desert island" records and has two of my all-time favorite songs, Should I Stay or Should I Go and Straight to Hell. Drop us a line and tell us about your desert island record.

Last but certainly not least is this week's #FollowFriday, my super talented friend Christel Perkins at Ginko Tree Tattoo. She has a BFA from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and is among the best people I know. Check out her Instagram page and website for a glimpse of her work and info on how to book a tattoo session with her if you're in the market.

That's all I have for this week!



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