Friday Mix-Tape and Weekly Round-Up: June 23, 2023

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Happy Friday!! I’d had so many plans for this week, and as usual, nothing went as expected. I caught a little cold and spent the week in a nest of blankets on the couch instead of packing for Florida Supercon. I'm feeling better now, and thankfully I don't have much to do before we head to Miami next week.

I always look forward to our trips to Florida Supercon. Still, this year is even more exciting because my fantastic friend Anja Jaeger is bringing her adorable picture books to Supercon. If you’re also attending Supercon next weekend, stop by and say hello; you’ll find Siouxsiequeue’s in Booth #1627, and Anja will be at Table #4 in the Writer’s Block area. 

We have also had some big news over on our Instagram page this week. We have almost reached 500 followers! This is a massive milestone for us, especially since social media can be a bit challenging for me. To celebrate our 500 Instagram followers, I have made our Full Persian Lanyards available on our website for the first time! Our Full Persian Lanyards are handmade from nickel-free anodized aluminum and feature a breakaway magnetic clasp! The lanyards come in 8 colors; Air, Aurora, Fire, Pretty in Punk, Rainbow, Water, and two brand new colorways, Majestic and Miami. I hope you love the lanyards as much as I do. 

As if illness, new products, 500 followers, and getting ready for a show weren't enough news for one week, I still need to talk about my pal Smurf over at 5280 Geek for this week’s #FollowFriday. 

If you've been around the Denver Metro Area convention scene at all, you know Smurf. He's the host of 5280 Geek’s Weekend Geek Update podcast, comic book guru, and collector extraordinaire, though from time to time, there are disagreements on how to pronounce names from Star Wars correctly.  🤣 Check out what Smurf and the rest of the 5280 Geek gang are up to on their socials and give them a follow. 

Lastly, it's time for the Friday Mix-Tape. Because I have been full of mucus and, NyQyil this week's playlist is full of lovely shoe-gazing songs (which also go well with the nearly constant rain we’ve had lately). The only thing left to do is grab a flannel shirt, look angsty, and give an apathetic sigh. 

  1. These Days - Joy Division
  2. True Faith - New Order
  3. Revolution Rock - The Clash
  4. Been Caugh Stealing - Jane’s Addiction
  5. To the End - Blur
  6. Debaser - Pixies
  7. Animal Nitrate - The London Suede
  8. Float On - Modest Mouse
  9. Walking After You - Foo Fighters 
  10. All My Little Words - The Magnetic Fields

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