Welcome to the New Siouxsiequeue's!

Posted by Suzanne Gutierrez on

Welcome to the new Siouxsiequeues.com! We have (finally) completed the move to our new website and I couldn't be happier. Here you'll find the whole range of Siouxsiequeue's products, as well as digital gift cards (yay!). 

Just a quick note of housekeeping...due to the Stay-at-Home order in my area we have had to put shipping on hold for the time being. We're sill accepting orders, and any orders placed will be shipped as soon as the Stay-at-Home has been lifted. Thanks for your patience and understanding during this strange time. This does not apply to digital gift cards.

Thank for all of your support, now and always, and Jeremy and I hope you enjoy the new Siouxsiequeues.com!


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